Become a Certified Digital Marketer

Learn modern digital trends & methods to develop key marketing strategies and spur growth for small to large scale businesses.

What you will learn:

Capstone Project for all courses

You will be required to create a design concept and prototypes for numerous products. A long time project that will be guided by the tutor to not only assist in your growth but to help you create a portfolio for yourself.

Early Bird Fee - N80,000

Class Price Duration
Onsite Class N60,000 6WKs(Weekends/Weekdays)
Onsite Live Class N55,000 6WKs(Weekends/Weekdays)

N60, 000

6WKs (Weekends/Weekdays)

N55, 000

6WKs (Weekends/Weekdays)

Course Content

  • Explain what Digital Marketing entail
  • Define segments and the role segmentation plays in digital marketing
  • Identify the relevance of role for different channels for your business and customers
  • Explain how to use channels to market to the right customers at the right time.
  • Building a target persona
  • Define channels that will be used in campaigns and where your approach is paid, earned or owned
  • Content writing
  • Theoretical aspect on how SEO is done
  • Explain the impact local SEO has and how to set it up
  • Perform keyword research, analysing search volume and competition
  • Create your own Google Ads campaign
  • Evaluate results and optimize Adwords
  • Review key metrics and KPIs for SEM
  • How to take advantage of video marketing, using Youtube.
  • Learn Twitter marketing and how to leverage the Ads on it.
  • Learn Facebook marketing and how to leverage Ads on it.
  • Learn Instagram marketing and how to leverage the Ads on it.
  • Landing pages & Lead Generation
  • Review best practices of digital marketing UX
  • Evaluate the design, functionality, and effectiveness of landing pages
  • Develop forms for your business
  • Plan and prepare lifecycle marketing strategies
  • Learn how to do email Marketing
  • Engage with your customers via email throughout their lifecycle.
  • Plan, execute, and measure email-marketing campaigns
  • Explaining how to create popup form to gain organic followers via email.
  • Outline the process for developing content campaigns.
  • Create a content plan with key messaging
  • Assess which content marketing tactics meet specific marketing and business goals.
  • Determine the key metrics for measuring and optimizing content marketing tactics.
  • Select appropriate influencers for your project and determine your influencer outreach strategy.
  • Curate and modify digital content across your social channels.
  • Determine the role of community management in social media marketing. Identify metrics and KPIs for measuring the impact of social media.
  • Use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & Marketing automation tool
  • Google Analytics
  • Clear understanding of how to leverage the detailed information on Google Analytics
  • Learn how to track a link using Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • In depth tutorial on how to use Google Search Console
  • Google TagManager
  • Explain how to use Google TagManager to track links on your website
  • Structured Data Markup Helper
  • Explore how to use structured data markup helper to boost your local SEO

Required Tools

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