Kickstart your career as a UI/UX Designer

Create usable solutions that delight the user, understand the user behaviour and design solutions that achieves both user and business goals.

What you will learn:

  • Research
  • Flowchart
  • Wireframing
  • Intro to Figma
  • Design Principle
  • Colours
  • Proximity
  • Fonts
  • Iconography
  • Mockups
  • Working with Svg
  • Design in Figma
  • Masking
  • State
  • Prototyping
  • Animation
  • Projects
  • Figma

Capstone Project for all courses

You will be required to create a design concept and prototypes for numerous products. A long time project that will be guided by the tutor to not only assist in your growth but to help you create a portfolio for yourself.

Early Bird Fee- N150,000

Early Bird N90,000 05 Days Left
Class Price Duration
Onsite/Online Live Class N135,000 6WKs(Weekends/Weekdays)

N135, 000

6WKs (Weekends/Weekdays)

Course Content

Distinction between UI and UX & Introduction to design tools

  • Developing a user-research plan Analyzing usability and creating personas using sticky notes.
  • Creating scenarios and to illustrate how users interact with the product..
  • Designing user flows using overflow app.
  • cCreating storyboards.


  • Foundation of IA (information architecture)
  • Understanding responsive web design principles
  • User experience on mobile versus web
  • Designing for Web/ creating Designing systems
  • Understanding UI patterns for mobile
  • Sketching and workflows
  • Creating lo-fi wireframes with balsamiq
  • Setting up design workspace figma
  • Typography and color theory
  • Sourcing for images, png, svg, icons and illustrations
  • Designing a “food ordering” app
  • Creating a rapid prototype
  • Prototyping and micro interactions
  • Testing your clickable prototypes with users
  • Developer Handoff
  • Version control
  • Building your linkedin profile and portfolio
  • Introduction to Behance and Dribble
  • Contract vs Freelance vs Full time
  • Networking Revisions/Q&A
  • User research – Google forms and Typerforms
  • Userflow – Flowmapp and pen and paper
  • Visual Design – Figma and Sketch
  • Wireframe – Adobe xd, sketch, pen and paper
  • Rapid Prototype – Invision Classic
  • Micro-interaction Prototype -Invision Studio and Flinto
  • Developer Handoff – Zeplin
  • Files storage – Google drive and Dropbox
  • Plugins!!!!

Required Tools

Design Beautiful User Interfaces for any App or Website

Learn how to design attractive mobile and web app interfaces for yourself, companies and startup businesses. At our training center, we will guide you on how to design digital products using Figma (most in-demand skill). This course will provide you with a more appropriate view of Design as a process and not just the output

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Creative and Collaborative Learning

Experience engaging and interactive sessions. At Torilo Academy training center, we leverage both group and individual sessions to ensure that our students practise working in teams and independently to build usable solutions.