Get Certified as a Web Designer

Acquire a skill in web design from the best hands. Establish channels for people and businesses to thrive. Be desired! Give Value!

What you will learn:

Capstone Project for all courses

You will be given a long time project which we would use in monitoring your growth and assisting you even after the class till we are satisfied you are perfect.

Early Bird Fee- N60,000

Class Price Duration
Onsite Class N60,000 6WKs(Weekends/Weekdays)
Onsite Live Class N55,000 6WKs(Weekends/Weekdays)

N60, 000

6WKs (Weekends/Weekdays)

N55, 000

6WKs (Weekends/Weekdays)

Course Content

  • What HTML and CSS stands for
  • Creating your first web page (not styled or responsive)
  • Adding links to website
  • Understanding responsive web design principles
  • User experience on mobile versus web 4. Building web forms
  • Diving deep into CSS coding
  • Typography and color theory
  • Defining a CSS class
  • Where to put your class
  • Inline and embedded styling methods
  • What a CMS means
  • Installing wordpress and other dependencies (xampp server)
  • Using wordpress on the localhost
  • Using the FTP client
  • Phpmyadmin and MySQL (Basic)
  • Downloading themes and installing
  • Modern website layout (one page and mult-page)
  • Menus and navigation
  • Using div ids to identity various section of the page
  • Inline and embedded styling methods
  • Domain names and registration
  • Hosting(Cloud and Shared)
  • Image editing and resizing to suit your needs
  • Contents and images sourcing
  • Using google drive to store files

Required Tools

Become a Skilled and Experienced Web Designer

Get all the training needed as a web designer. We will teach you website design best practices for the rapidly growing market. At our training center, you will be taught all that is needed to succeed as a professional Web Designer.

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