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Professional & Responsive Websites

About The Course

Kickstart a career in web development. Tech is where to be right now! There is such a high demand for web developers and so little trained quality developers to fill those positions. With Web Development skills being an in-demand skill, you won’t have to worry about finding jobs as a web developer any time soon.

Certified professional web developers earn a decent salary or you can opt for remote jobs or become freelance web developer to earn a side income

You will learn the skills to build eye catching, mobile responsive and dynamic websites on this course.

Join our training center, Torilo Academy, and learn how to swiftly become the best at what you do and get very creative.

Start Date: March 7th, 2020

Venue: 1, Olaniyan Close, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Maryland, Ikeja.

Price: ₦60,000
Early Registration: ₦55,000

Learning Pace & Time:

6 Weeks (Saturdays)

Required Tools

A Working Laptop (Windows or Mac Installed)

*Early registration ends 15th February 2020*

  • What is HTML and CSS stands for
  • HTML tags
  • Creating your first web page (not styled or responsive
  • Adding links to website
  • Understanding responsive web design principles
  • User experience on mobile versus web 4. Building web forms
  • Diving deep into CSS coding
  • Typography and color theory
  • Defining a CSS class
  • Where to put your class
  • Inline and embedded styling methods
  • What a CMS means
  • Installing wordpress and other dependencies (xampp server)
  • Using wordpress on the localhost
  • Using the FTP client
  • Phpmyadmin and MySQL (Basic)
  • Downloading themes and installing
  • Modern website layout (one page and mult-page)
  • Information and content architecture
  • Menus and navigation
  • Using div ids to identity various section of the page
  • Inline and embedded styling methods
  • Domain names and registration
  • Hosting
  • Image editing and resizing to suit your needs
  • Contents and images sourcing
  • Using google drive to store files
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  • Now I am more confident to build WordPress websites. Through this course, I was able to join all the dots to make complete WordPress websites. Otherwise, the trial and error method of learning would have taken a long time, which I was trying to learn from my colleagues and on my own. The tutor, Mr Damilare has done an amazing job in covering many topics in this course. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him and Torilo Academy for their efforts in putting together this course. I really liked the way Mr Damilare responded to my requests. Thanks again Torilo Academy
  • This course covered many of the topics in web development and Wordpress that I have long been wishing to explore. While demonstrating techniques to implement specific effects, this course provided more than enough background for an in-depth exploration. My tutor was well experienced and good at teaching is clear, amiable, and actually, it's fun to listen and follow along. Thank you TA.
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