Become a Professional Motion Designer

Delight your viewers. Create compositions that add motion and animated effects to media elements with aim to entertain, inspire, educate and thrill your audience

Capstone Project for all courses

You will be required to create a design concept and prototypes for numerous products. A long time project that will be guided by the tutor to not only assist in your growth but to help you create a portfolio for yourself.

Early Bird Fee- N80,000

Class Price Duration
Onsite Class N60,000 6WKs(Weekends/Weekdays)
Onsite Live Class N55,000 6WKs(Weekends/Weekdays)

N60, 000

6WKs (Weekends/Weekdays)

N55, 000

6WKs (Weekends/Weekdays)

Course Content

  • Introduction to Motion Graphic
  • Introduction : Installation of necessary tools.
  • How to use After Effects in a dynamic hands on approach
  • Create Motion Graphics to enhance your videos using a step by step method.
  • Practice compositing techniques to achieve stunning video effects.
  • Text Animation
  • How to manipulate text.
Know the difference between shape layers and masks in Adobe After Effects
  • Learn how to use both text and pen tools to create shape layers in Adobe After Effects.
  • Enhance your video intros and create better and enriched motion graphics with shape layers in Adobe After Effects
  • Discover the Fill and Stroke options for Shape Layers and how to create custom gradients in Adobe After Effects.
What are Masks?
  • Creating Masks with Color Range
  • Creating Masks with Channels
  • Color Grade images using Masks
  • Selecting objects and using Masks for changing Lights and Colors
  • Adjusting shadows, mid tones and highlights using Shadow/Highlight.
  • Checking out premiere pro color correction tools
  • Adjusting Tonality Secondary color correction techniques
  • Working with effects and look-up tables
  • How to save presets and export your final footage with the best quality
  • Analyze image and create cinematic looks
  • Get experience on color correction and color grading Conclusion
  • Drawing on the Illustrator
  • Draw on the after-effects.
  • Draw on the After Effects and move
  • Draw and animate the after-effects
  • How to make motion graphic Ads
  • Working with element 3D
  • Opening the Logo in element 3D
  • Adding 3D Text & After Effects Cameras
  • Animating the 3D Objects
  • Lighting the Scene with After Effects Lights
  • Working with Optical flares
  • Adding ambient occlusion & export your intro
  • Setting up a project
  • Editing basics
  • Beyond basic editing
  • Look and Sound adjustment
  • Finishing touches

Required Tools

Capture viewers’ attention with motion pictures

Everything you ever love in those thrilling videos that fascinate you in the media can be recreated not only in your head but in visuals made by your hands, and you know what it takes? …Learning Motion Graphics.

At Torilo Academy training center, we create an avenue for students to have first hand practical knowledge and expertise in the modern techniques of Motion Graphics and Adobe After Effects

At the end of the training motion graphics, students will be able to build storyboards to guide you in creating attention grabbing and stunning visual effects coupled with sophisticated motion graphics as seen in captivating feature films, Online Ads and TV commercials today.

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Creative and Collaborative Learning

Experience engaging and interactive sessions. At Torilo Academy training center, we leverage both group and individual sessions to ensure that our students practise working in teams and independently to build usable solutions.