Some frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions.
We know you have questions about our program, that’s why we’re answering a few of them here straight away!

You can find prices when you click on any of the courses you are interested in. Price may vary depending on the course and what it entails.

Age isn’t a barrier to learning at our academy. All that we require of you is your interest and your motivation. So please, do apply.
No there aren’t any for now. But you can contact or call 08123499111.
The classes are to be paid for in full but we do accept payments in instalment. A deposit before the start of classes and the other before your 5th week of lectures.
We like to work with what our students can afford. A deposit payment before the commencement of the classes and balance before the 5th week of lectures.
First, you would have to fill a form online signifying your interest in the training and letting us know which of the courses you are interested in. After this, a team member would reach out to you after which you will be issued an invoice for payment.
You can follow our social media channels to get the latest information about our training. (IG: @toriloacademy, Twitter: @toriloacademy, Linkedin: Torilo Academy, Facebook: @toriloacademy)
Of course. All that we expect from you is a high sense of interest and a great deal of motivation. Once you have these two, you are good to go.
Yes you can. However applicants under the ages of 16 will not be considered.
Yes, each student must have a laptop as all practicals would require a laptop. Approved laptops are either a Windows laptop or an Apple laptop. If you need directions on what kind of systems to buy, you can contact us on or call 08123499111.
No. we offer full time classes and weekend classes which are grouped into immersive courses and accelerated courses.
No, we don’t. The tuition fee only covers your training.
The ability of the students to become hireable after the academy training depend on the skills that they may have gathered during the duration of their course. However we may be willing to put in a good word for our outstanding students.
Contact us on 08123499111. for more info on B2B offer.
“Starve your distraction, feed your focus”
No it is not a problem. You can team up with those who have projects to work on already or you can talk to one of our tutors, they will be willing to put you through.