Discover’s Michael’s experience as a Software Development Student at Torilo Academy

“I’ve come to learn that anything is possible”

Micheal Utoh

Enrolled in

Ans:  The knowledge I gained at Torilo Academy has helped me:

  • understand how programming & programming languages work,
  • understand how to solve technical as well as real-world problems
  • also, make new friends with whom I can collaborate with.

Ans: I made a switch in my career from the Automobile Industry into Tech.

Ans: I have been able to apply the Knowledge i gained from the academy in building scalable Apps and Rest APIs with Python Programming Language.

Ans: So far, It’s been a journey where I’ve had to learn crucial technical skills along the way. Participating in the Software Development course at Torilo Academy was exactly the solid foundation I needed to gain  exposure into how things are organised in the Tech Universe, in addition to learning the interesting concepts of the programming languages – JavaScript & Python

Ans: The amiable tutors made learning fun. It is interesting to meet new friends in a new environment, learn new skills together and communicate, but then having a very capable teacher at that turning point in my career meant the valuable concepts and programming skills I learnt stuck with me.

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